minor bug in cygports 'Terminal' package -- don't install a link for 'terminal->Terminal

Linda Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Tue Oct 9 21:50:00 GMT 2012

It prevents Terminal from loading when you type Terminal (or terminal).

terminal points to 'Terminal' which doesn't exist -- maybe it needs to point
to Terminal.exe?   But it's not needed for many of us who don't enable
case confusion -- terminal/Terminal being a prime example.  If you have to
remember which case it is -- such that you need to install a link, then
you probably shouldn't be using case.  In which case, you don't need to install
the link.

I.e. -- those who always remember the correct case of everything (including
Terminal -- I do on Linux FWIW, but the link on windows breaks things), and
don't run with case ignored, then the link isn't needed -- as people like me,
on linux -- remember case all the time (*cough*)... well I do with Terminal,
anyway... ;-)...But perl modules and manpages?... thank god suse defaulted
to ignore case in manpages...

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