Registry keys not only accessible when user

Sun Oct 14 09:04:00 GMT 2012

Andrey Repin-3 wrote
> Greetings, julien2412!
>> Now if I just run an ls /proc/registry/
> <abbreviated
>  HKLM>/SOFTWARE/Microsoft, I can see the registry keys I quoted only if I 
>> launch Cygwin with admin rights.
> Sounds like incorrect installation or something environmental getting in
> the
> way. (Antivirus sandboxing your cygwin?)
> These keys are supposed to be readable by all local accounts (hence HKLM).

I removed Cygwin (delete c:\cygwin directory) and installed again after
having disabled all the agents of Avast, I got the same result. (ls
/proc/registry/HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft gives far more less things than if I
launch Cygwin with admin rights)
Any other test I could do?


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