Where is detailed setup.exe usage documentation? (old question, never answered)

Pit Bull qa00@yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 04:26:00 GMT 2012

I am looking for some documentation - html, man page, doc file, whatever
that describes setup.exe.  I've spent at least a couple hours looking at
the User Guide, the FAQ, the archived mailing list (perhaps I entered the
wrong search terms), the "web", and found nothing (other than other posts
on the cyqwin mailing lists asking where setup.exe documentation can be
found with no replies - from 2002 and 2003.)

In particular, I'm looking for documentation on the Bin? and Src? columns
and how they relate to Keep, Skip, and <level number> for source.

The reason I am looking is that when I do an Install in a category, for
example X11, first I Skip large file downloads since they seem to cause
a download failed and try again message which never works.  So I download
and install smaller files/packages first.  Then I go back and selectively
download/install the remaining packages by cycling through them.  (I
"finish" setup.exe every time and reinvoke it before selecting the next
set of packages.)

As I go through packages, setup.exe changes their status to Keep.  I set the value at the category level to Install and select the next set of packages, changing Skip to a level number (or level numbers to Skip to be downloaded later.)  Then I click Next to do the actual download and install.  The goal is to have the status of all packages be Keep.

What I find is for certain packages (which all appear to be src) that
status never becomes Keep.  Since I had problems with downloads failing,
I made an assumption (initially) the downloads of these packages failed
and kept retrying to download them.

After some investigation it APPEARS the src packages are actually
downloaded (I find them under /usr/src with suffixes of .bz2 - if I
remember correctly.)

So the specific questions I have (which I would have liked to have seen
answered in a documentation file of some sort) are:

Why isn't the status changed to Keep for downloaded src packages (or
at least for some since I have not verified this is common across all
source files/packages)?

What does an X mean in the Src? column box?  Is this supposed to mean
it has been downloaded even though the status does not say Keep?

What does n/a mean in the Bin? and Src? column?

Is there any documentation that describes setup.exe in more detail in
an organized manner?

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