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Corinna Vinschen
Tue Oct 16 09:06:00 GMT 2012

On Oct 15 20:57, Charles Stepp wrote:
> > Since the performance of Cygwin fifos is orders of magnitude poorer than the equivalent Linux implementation,  I've been trying to find an alternative to fifos in my Cygwin port.
> >
> > One possibility is to use a combination of real time signals (which queue) and
> > signalfd to provide a select()'able interface to those signals.   Early test
> > code on Linux shows promise.
> >
> > I did a quick check and it doesn't appear that Cygwin supports the signalfd
> > (or eventfd) interface.   Are there any plans to include this?    If not what
> > should I look at that Cygwin does support that could provide similar functionality?

Signal handler or sigwaitinfo come to mind.

> > Thanks in advance for all your answers.
> >
> > bob
> >
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> I was thinking, "hmmm...shared memory...that's some fast stuff...", but
> PC - ~ # ipcs -a
> Bad system call
> Oh well...our wonderful godlings who create this cygwin stuff for us can only make so much silk purse out of this Windoze pig.

Apart from XSI IPC, which requires cygserver to run, there's also mmap
and the POSIX shared memory calls shm_open/shm_unlink, none of which
requires cygserver.

Cygwin also provides POSIX message queues, which is YA mechanism to
exchange messages between related processes.


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