Mount Windows C drive as POSIX root?

Gary Oberbrunner
Wed Oct 17 18:21:00 GMT 2012

I understand about not installing cygwin in c:\.  But I really want a single filesystem, so cygwin's / is Windows c:/, and cygwin /Program\ Files is Windows /Program Files and so on.  I have an environment with lots of non-cygwin tools and translating paths between them is not workable.

I'm not really doing cygwin-based software development (not using gcc etc.); I just want cygwin for its utilities, so "ls /Windows" works the same as "dir \Windows".

For years I've done this by installing cygwin into c:\cygwin, and adjusting the /etc/fstab mount points so everything works.  My fstab looks like this:

c:/             /       ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/etc   /etc    ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/usr   /usr    ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/bin  /usr/bin        ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/lib  /usr/lib        ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/var   /var    ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/dev   /dev    ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/lib  /lib    ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/proc  /proc   ntfs    binary,override
c:/cygwin/srv   /srv    ntfs    binary,override

But as I'm installing a new machine with a fresh cygwin, this no longer works.  The mounts in fstab don't take effect (though interestingly c:/ -> / does work), and it then can't find /etc and many things then don't work.

I can manually mount it from a bash shell, but putting it in fstab doesn't work as it used to.

Is this still a plausible setup for 1.7?  Is there a better way?

-- Gary Oberbrunner

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