Mount Windows C drive as POSIX root?

Gary Oberbrunner
Thu Oct 18 01:44:00 GMT 2012

Thanks for the replies, cygwin people!

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> From: "Andrey Repin" <>
> > I understand about not installing cygwin in c:\.  But I really want
> > a single
> > filesystem, so cygwin's / is Windows c:/, and cygwin /Program\
> > Files is
> > Windows /Program Files and so on.
> Having single filesystem, and having cygwin mounted on root is not
> the same.

Sorry, I was not clear -- I mean the same filesystem between cygwin and Windows.  And I only care about the C drive (I've learned to keep everything there).

> > I have an environment with lots of non-cygwin tools and translating
> > paths between them is not workable.
> Especially not the same, when you start to interoperate with
> non-cygwin applications, and when you start to update your Cygwin installation.
> Heed my suggestion, don't do it.

Well, it's worked pretty well for me for the last 10 years. :-)
Of course I've also learned not to update my cygwin. :-)

> First, it just wrong. And were causing infinite grief in the past.
> So, Cygwin
> maintainers changed scheme to force some mounts off of cygwin1.dll
> location.

Can you say more about this?

> Guess, what? It didn't worked well past the HDD mounts. 

Correct -- I don't care about that (D drive etc.).  What I do care about is being able to mix cygwin command line tools with non-cygwin.  For example, Intel compiler.  Or (non-cygwin) python.  I'm really used to being able to say

  # ls /my/path/
  # python !$
  # vim /my/path/   (cygwin)
  # icl -c !$             (non-cygwin)

and have it just work, like on Linux.  Not have to translate paths around and remember which utility is cygwin-based and which isn't. (I'm old, and seem to have become a serious command-line Windows hacker, but I'm still really a Unix guy.)

> in fstab:
> C:/Programs/CygWin on / type ntfs (binary,auto)
The above is the big problem for me.  But I guess I'm learning that cygwin 1.7 can't do what I want, at least how I used to do it.  

> Sorry for my terrible english...
You are quite easy to understand, actually!

Also, Barry Buchbinder replied:
> The cygdrive prefix gives you a "single filesystem".  To save typing,
> you could change the cygdrive prefix to /.
> In /etc/fstab:
>    none / cygdrive binary 0 0
>(and get rid of all the other C:/cygwin/ lines in fstab.)

This is almost nice, but that annoying /c/ is just as bad as anything else.  If I can't cut and paste paths around, or use my shell history, I will go crazy. :-/

I now think I have to experiment with installing cygwin in the root of the C drive, despite all the warnings to the contrary.  I can be pretty careful about those special root folders (etc, usr, bin, and so on).

Gary Oberbrunner

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