Using tar to run backups onto a tape device using cygwin

srikant veeraraghavan
Fri Oct 19 07:39:00 GMT 2012

Hi Corinna,

I was looking into the /dev and / folder... It has actually created
directories in the name of st0 and st1. For checking if anything was written
or not I checked it in the GUI. I am using a Virtual Tape system which
reflects the data written in the Carts. And I was unable to see it in the
This is what I did now...

Inside the dev/ I was not able to get the list of my devices, st0,st1... So
I used the script to create the same in the /dev/

After this I checked the status of the tapes using the mt command:
mt -f /dev/st0 status 3.
Yes using 3 helped me with moore detailed info...After the cartridges were
loaded I could see the size available to be written.

Then I used the 
tar -cf /dev/st0 /cygdrive/c/StratfordData/

Now I am able to run the backups and could see it get written in the GUI. So
the /dev/ devicename not being created was the issue. Instead of writting in
the tape it created it inside the /dev directory.

Thanks Corinna for your help.

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