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Brian Wilson
Tue Oct 23 13:33:00 GMT 2012

Welcome to Cygwin Trixie.

If you visit the "Problems" link on the Cygwin home page 
( you will see that there are some things 
you can do to help the community diagnose your issue.  Please run the 
cygcheck command and attach the output file (see the web page instructions) 
as a plain text file to your response.  This will let the community see what 
is installed and if you are missing anything.


Brian S. Wilson
> I'm real beginner with cygwin, actually linux and everything related.
> But i need to instal and use certain fortran based program. I installed
> cygwin and several packages. I'm trying to call certain module and 
> all i get is bash: module: command not found I googled it up and i 
> found the solution that i should call /etc/profile.d/ 
> before my module. but there is now in my /profile.d 
> folder! Did i miss some package to install? What should i do? Please 
> help! I desperately need to start that program :(((

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