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Andrew DeFaria
Tue Oct 23 21:22:00 GMT 2012

On 10/23/2012 12:46 PM, Trixie wrote:
> I have liblapack-devel instaled and did ./configure and make . It took some
> time but it finished.
Did make finish successfully, returning a 0 status? Did you have a 
bigdft.exe file? If you type "ls bigdft" do you see an executable? 
(Note: The file's name is actually bigdft.exe but ls will list it as 
>   Problem happened when i tried to do this  tutotial
> <>   . It says
> -bash: bigdft: command not found
The tutorial shows you doing an ls and it listing out two files: bigdft 
and Did you see those files? Cause your supposed to do that 
*before* you type in "./bigdft | tee N2.out". And you did include "./" 
before "bigdft" right?
> I read somethere i shoud first do module load bigdft, but when I do that,
> there is that module: command not found.
Module is not a command - period. The tutorial you pointed us to does 
not say you need to first do "module load bigdft" - in fact the word 
"module" does not appear on that page - so what lead you to believe you 
should first use a non-existent module command?
> Currently I'm not using gpu (there is option to load cuda configure
> --enable-cuda-gpu) I'm just trying to make sure this thing works at all.
Andrew DeFaria <>
I got a new shadow. I had to get rid of the other one -- it wasn't doing 
what I was doing.

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