mintty: Ctrl-Q does not work?

Charles Stepp
Mon Oct 29 12:49:00 GMT 2012

> Andy Koppe, 28.10.2012 07:24:04:
> > However, I can still reproduce the issue (without pipe_byte), and I
> > did a fresh Cygwin install into the default location to try to
> > minimise variables. Cygcheck output attached.
> I just installed the latest cygwin-release. Ctrl-S,Ctrl-Q works as expected, but e.g. Enter stops output and freezes the terminal like before (need to kill -9 the involved process). Why is there any reaction on Enter at all?
> --
> Helmut Karlowski

The stty ixany setting determines whether any key or the start key (Ctl-Q) resumes output after a stop key (Ctl-S).

stty  ixany enables resuming output with any key.
stty -ixany sets it such that only the start key (Ctl-Q) resumes output.

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