building Perl module DBD-ODBC-4.3 under 64-bit cygwin

Simon Barnes
Fri Aug 2 07:11:00 GMT 2013

> a typical type conflict.  ULONG is a Windows type defined as
> unsigned long in the Win32 API.  The Win32 data model is LLP64, so
> unsigned long is 4 bytes.  However, Cygwin is LP64, so unsigned long is
> 8 bytes.  Therefore the `typedef unsigned long ULONG;' is wrong for 64
> bit.  Either drop the definition entirely, or redefine it matching the
> data model:
>    #ifdef __LP64__
>   typedef unsigned int ULONG;
>   #else
>   typedef unsigned long ULONG;
>   #endif

OK, managed to achieve a build with this.   And I'll keep on eye on cygwin ports.


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