64-bit emacs crashes a lot

Bengt Larsson lists.cygwin4@bengtl.net
Fri Aug 16 09:07:00 GMT 2013

Ryan Johnson wrote:
>I set a breakpoint there, since I thought it was guaranteed to lead to a 
>crash if it ever ran, but it turns out that's not true. Invoking M-x 
>compile triggers the breakpoint twice in a row with the following 
>(valid!) 5-byte UTF-8:
>11111000 10001111 10111111 10111101 10111111
>The value is always the same, and corresponds to the code point 
>U+3FFF7F, FWIW. The backtrace seems to involve loading a file (maybe the 
>.elc contains 'compile or 'compilation-mode?), and the breakpoint does 
>not recur in subsequent compilations, presumably because they don't 
>re-load the file. Emacs continues normally from there, because the 
>leading bits are zero and the resulting code point doesn't pass the 
>0x3FFFFF limit.

Modern Emacs uses an extended UTF-8 as internal representation.


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