Cygwin Installer In-use file detected

Daniel Steinberg
Sat Aug 17 05:50:00 GMT 2013

Hello, I am using Cygwin installer 2.819 x86.

After installing new packages (and updating existing packages), I 
sometimes get the message:

In-use file detected

Unable to extract /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll
The file is in use by the following processes:

Select 'Kill' to kill Cygwin processes and retry, or select 'Continue' 
to go on anyway (you will need to reboot).

I believe there used to be an option "Try again" on the older 
installers. This was useful because it allowed me to first try to 
manually close my applications and then try again. While I can still 
manually do this and then click "Kill Processes", a "try again" option 
seems like a more graceful approach since if I accidentally didn't close 
some program (after possibly saving some data), I would be notified, 
versus having the installer kill that process and possibly lose data.

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