Trying to solve my cygheap base mismatch issue

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Aug 19 15:22:00 GMT 2013

On 8/19/2013 8:18 AM, Tony Whyte wrote:
> Hi All,
> One morning last week, after 11 months of flawless cygwin-ing,  I was
> suddenly unable to create a cygwin terminal on my Windows XP (SP3)
> installation. The window would launch and then quickly close.  Ive dug
> through the mail Archives and attempted the following suggestions:
>    - ensure no extraneous cygwin1.dlls are around
>    - launch cygwin.bat in a cmd shell (look for errors, yes cygheap
> base mismatch errors)
>    - try a recent update refresh via setup.exe (did that,now at 1.7.23
> but still broken)
>    - use listdlls.exe tool to see where dlls are based at (i think this
> is telling me cygwin1.dll got bumped from its original 0x61000000 address)
>    - move rebase.db.i386 aside and then rerun setup.exe ( tried that
> but i dont see a new rebase.db.i386 get created when i do this)
> The state of my installation is such that I cant run 'rebaseall'
> successfully. (Even from a dash.exe shell it fails with the
> cygheap base mismatch error too.)
> Im going on day 4 now with my problem and hoping dearly I can revive
> my installation.
> Ive attached data that includes:
>    - cygcheck -s -r -v output, slightly redacted.
>    - listdlls.exe tool data output while a dash.exe shell is up and running
>    - rebase -is output,  ran in a dos cmd shell , shows many address
> collisions  (*)
> Thank you all for your work on this fantastic platform, and for any
> suggestions to get around a cygheap base mismatch condition.

Sounds like you could be suffering from a case of BLODA
(  I'd suggest looking into that.



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