Makefile for emacs throws an error when username contains spaces

Ken Brown
Mon Aug 19 21:10:00 GMT 2013

On 8/19/2013 3:33 PM, Matt D. wrote:
> I experienced the following error while running "make install" for
> cygwin emacs:
> chown: invalid user: `Matthew'
> I corrected the problem by encapsulating the following variables in
> quotes within Makefile and
> $${USER}
> $${installuser}

This is not Cygwin specific.  It would apply to any system that allows 
user names to contain spaces.  (But I don't know offhand if there are 
any systems other than Windows and Cygwin that allow this.)  You should 
send this report to emacs-devel or, better, report it as an emacs bug 
(send mail to


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