g++-3 and g77-3 packages under setup-x86.exe

Larry Hall (Cygwin) reply-to-list-only-lh@cygwin.com
Tue Aug 20 15:01:00 GMT 2013

On 8/20/2013 2:03 AM, LMH wrote:

> Dmitrii, thank you for the thoughtful response. I really am looking for
> information here.


If you're looking for the reason that gcc-3 was removed from your
computer during your recent upgrade, I believe that question has been
answered by Chris.  If you're wondering why gcc-3 is not offered
as an alternate package through Cygwin now, I have offered you the
reasoning behind the current state of things.  In addition, I've
provided you with ways of "resurrecting" gcc-3 on your system if
you wish to pursue that.  One of these ways should be enough to
restore you to a state where you can use gcc-3 in the cases you
want to do so.  Beyond that, I'm not sure what your question is.
If you have a specific one, go ahead and ask it.  A continued
discussion of how and why gcc-3 is useful for you isn't a real
interesting read for most on this list IMO.  Let's see if we can
bring this thread to its logical end.



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