shell-init: error retrieving current directory

Thu Aug 22 02:04:00 GMT 2013

Hi, I've experienced the same issue. From what I can see:
Current bash.exe of cygwin64 seems to be improperly built with
HAVE_GETCWD disabled, which result in using it's own getcwd
implementation in the bash source package.

This can be indirectly observed by inspecting bash.exe with dependency
walker or something. You can easily see that bash.exe has it's own
getcwd symbol, and it's not imported from cygwin1.dll.

Therefore, I downloaded bash source package from setup-x86_64.exe anyway
to see what's happening, and built bash with cygport.
Surprisingly, I got working bash.exe with HAVE_GETCWD enabled, without
patching anything.
This one, of course, imports getcwd from cygwin1.dll, and is free from
the issue.

So I don't know why the HAVE_GETCWD was disabled on the official build,
but I think simple re-building and re-distributing of bash.exe will
solve this issue.

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