[ANNOUNCEMENT] updated: unison2.40, unison2.45

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Thu Aug 22 07:19:00 GMT 2013

> On 2012-12-10 11:49, Andrew Schulman wrote:> The Unison packages for 
> Cygwin have been updated:
>  >
>  > unison2.40, unison2.45 - new upstream minor updates.
> Is there any chance you could release a 64-bit build of unison?  I've 
> been using the 64-bit build of cygwin for a couple weeks now, and the 
> only package that I regularly use that I couldn't find was unison.

I know.  It's the main thing keeping me from switching to 64-bit by

Unfortunately I can't yet, because to build Unison I need ocaml, and ocaml
hasn't been released for x86_64 yet.  Damien, the ocaml maintainer, is
aware of this and hopes to be able to give it some attention around the end
of this month.

So with luck we might have Unison for 64-bit within a few weeks.  That's
assuming there are no problems building Unison once ocaml is available. I'm
not expecting any, but we won't know until I try.


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