Install problem with latest cygwin

Allan Chandler
Tue Aug 27 02:31:00 GMT 2013

On 8/26/2013 12:46 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 8/26/2013 11:52 AM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>> On 8/26/2013 5:05 AM, Allan Chandler wrote:
>>> I've been running CygWin on my Win7-64 laptop for some time and I
>>> recently
>>> decided to update to the latest packages, mainly because there's a
>>> load more stuff in there.
>>> I renamed my cygwin directory to get it out of the way and
>>> setup-x86.exe. Selected ALL packages for download with no install and
>>> it run overnight.
>>> The following day, I ran setup again and opted to install from the
>>> directory. This went well, right up to the post-install section where
>>> I got
>>> "Cannot locate cygncursesw-10.dll"-type dialog boxes for each of
>>> dozen packages. I also get it when I try to run bash after exit.
>>> I had a look into the \cygwin directory where everything was created
>>> there's no sign of this file (though it appears under my old version of
>>> CygWin in /bin). In the local package area where I downloaded
>>> it appears to exist in the x86/release/Cygwin64/cygwin64-ncurses
>>> file but nowhere else in the package area is there a file even
>>> "ncur". So I'm wondering whether the fact that I'm running the x86
>>> installer means I don't get that file. In which case, why are the
>>> post-install scripts (and bash) trying to use it?
>>> Has anyone else manages to install the latest CygWin on Win7 this way?
>>> Can
>>> anyone offer some advice on getting it to work?
>> Using the package search available at, it appears to me that
>> there has been a "hiccup" in the upload for this package.  Here are the
>> results of searching for cygncursesw-10.dll under x86 and x86_64:
>> x86:
>>      x86/cygwin64-ncurses/cygwin64-ncurses-5.9-5
>>      x86/libncursesw10/libncursesw10-5.7-18
>> x86_64:
>>      x86_64/cygwin32-ncurses/cygwin32-ncurses-5.7-1
>>      x86_64/libncursesw10/libncursesw10-5.9-4
>>      x86_64/ncurses-debuginfo/ncurses-debuginfo-5.9-4
>> Note that the 64-bit version is also listed under the 32-bit
>> installation and vice-versa.  And this doesn't seem quite right.
> It's for cross-compiling, in case you want to build a 64-bit application
> under 32-bit Cygwin (and vice versa).

Ah, OK.  That makes sense then.  So then I guess these cross-compile
packages don't need the DLLs, right?



Okay, OP here, there's something weird going on here. I started setup
against my local directory this morning and did a search for "ncur" - all
it found was "cygwin64-ncurses: Ncurses for Cygwin 64bit toolchain", under

When I rerun setup and go looking at the original site, that same search
gives me quite a bit more, three in Devel, seven in Libs and four in Utils.

And, looking at setup logs from yesterday, it appears only the one (the
64-bit one in my local area) was downloaded.

I've just started another download from the site and it's actually creating
NEW directories in my install area so it looks like it didn't get
everything it needed last time, despite the fact I'm sure I'd toggled the
top-level item to "Install". I KNOW for a fact it wasn't left on Default
since that's a relatively small set of packages (tested by downloading to
another area), nowhere near the quantity I got.

So I'm doing another download now and, luckily, it appears I'm only getting
stuff I don't already have. Once I've done a download that gives me nothing
extra, I'll do a full download to another location and compare. If
everything comes down first time, I'll have to chalk it up to PEBCAK and
apologise (ie, I somehow stuffed up the "Install" setting).

I'll let you all know.

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