OCaml on cygwin-64 (was: Orpie love

Damien Doligez damien.doligez@inria.fr
Sat Aug 31 18:48:00 GMT 2013


On 2013-08-31, at 00:31, Warren Young wrote:
>> I'm making good progress on porting OCaml to cygwin-64.
> Would you care to summarize the problem?  OCaml is already portable to other x86_64 *ix targets, so a lot of the work has to have been done already.  What are the remaining blocking issues?

Absolutely, although the port shares more code with the mingw-64 version than the Linux version (because the assembler and linker are a bit different from the Linux ones). It was rather easy to make the compiler work, but now I'm waiting for Alain Frisch to port FlexDLL. He said it should be easy.

> I note your inria.fr address.  I assume you're part of the official OCaml team at INRIA, or at least in close contact with them?

I happen to be the release manager of OCaml, so it's quite easy for me to get patches integrated upstream :-) OTOH I'm really busy now with the next OCaml release, so cygwin will have to wait a little bit.

-- Damien

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