Get old fortran executable to update screen

Wed Dec 4 16:26:00 GMT 2013

Andrey Repin <anrdaemon <at>> writes:
> Greetings, paul!
>> I'm using an executable compiled from a FORTRAN program  When I run
>> it from a DOS command line, I get prompts and progress updates (an
>> iteration count that rewrites the line without scrolling the screen
>> upward).  I get none of this when I invoke the program from a
>> cygwin bash shell.
> I suspect you are saying "bash shell" where it should be "mintty
> terminal", which may be the actual culprit for your issue.  Try
> running bash directly (it should start in standard Windows console)
> and repeat your tests.
>> The output that should have been displayed to the user is in fact
>> captured if I run the unix (cygwin) script command, but no guileful
>> tricks I tried made the prompts and progress updates display in
>> real time.  I tried the script command options -f and -c
>> OldFortramProgram.exe.  I managed to get around the lack of prompts
>> by memorizing the order of the input required of the user, and that
>> allows the program to proceed.  The progress updates would be
>> useful, though (long run times).
> Sorry for my terrible english...

You English seems perfectly comprehensible, Andrey.

Andrey, you're partly right about mintty.  If I use a DOS command line
window and directly invoke bash.exe -i, I get all the prompts and
iteration count updates.  However, the bottleneck then becomes the
script command.  Even with the -f option, it buffers the text being
saved before sending accumulated content to the screen in bursts.  Ah
well.  Thanks.

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