emacs won't run

Andrea Venturoli ml@netfence.it
Thu Dec 5 12:50:00 GMT 2013

On 12/04/13 11:56, marco atzeri wrote:
> Il 12/4/2013 10:20 AM, Andrea Venturoli ha scritto:
>> Hello.
>> Since a bit, emacs won't start under X: no error, no message, nothing.
>> It just starts and exits after a while without doing anything.
>> I can run "emacs -nw" fine.
>> How can I diagnose this? Is there any log I can look into? Any utility?
>>   bye & Thanks
>>      av.
> use strace.

Forgive my noobiness, but...

 > strace emacs
 > strace.exe error creating process emacs, (error 2)

Of course, emacs is a shell script.

So I run "strace emacs-x11": is this ok?

Running emacs-x11 by itself I get one of two behaviours:
a) either it hogs the CPU for some seconds, then quits with no effect at 
b) or it hogs the CPU for a while, then I'll get "Memory exhausted--use 
M-x save-some-buffers then exit and restart Emacs".

I still can't grasp what makes the difference.

Running it through strace, however, it never exits (still doing nothing 
appreciable); it is also quite hard to kill.

In the end I got a trace file (which is over 7MB!), but it's nothing I 
can interpret.
What should I do?
Anything I should look for?
Any way to make some sense out of this?
Should I upload it somewhere for someone who might be interested in 
seeing it?

  bye & Thanks

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