How to disable all syntax coloring in Cygwin/bash?

Chris Wolf
Mon Dec 16 21:58:00 GMT 2013

I just installed a recent release of Cygwin and notice that it now
features syntax highlighting.  Is there a way to totally disable this?
 All I want is be able to set the foreground/background colors via the
Windoze way of right clicking on the frame and I don't want the out of
"ls" colorized nor for the colors to change to some weird settings
upon invoking "vi".  I want them the same under all conditions.

I checked the documentation, FAQ and message archives of this list,
but most of the questions were about how to *enable* colors or
customize them.

I actually did figure a round-about way of doing this via setting some
env vars and setting (or unsetting aliases).  Unfortunately the laptop
I did this on died, so I'm starting from scratch.

(P.S. this could be bash issue and not exactly Cygwin, although older
releases of Cygwin did not have this "problem". )



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