A ream of questions

Jonathan Martin metashifter@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 21:41:00 GMT 2013

I've been fooling around with Cygwin for awhile now and I haven't done anything overly serious withit but I have spent a serious amount of time just thinking about what it could do and fooling around with other tools that look like it. I've come up with questions that don't have answers yet, though I've had to condense them down to just the questions.

Q: Why doesn't cygwin use an emacs as its frontend instead of a dosshell?
Q: Why don't we work on setting up a full blown tutorial system with a set of shell scripts and documentation segregation so that newbies can grok The Hacker's Dreaming?
Q: Why doesn't Cygwin do something similar to Cpan?
Q: Why is "#!>help" so useless? Why doesn't it get fixed to act more like the old DOS help?
Q: I saw a quote from "Cybercities Reader" on a fellow list-subscriber's reply and it is now sitting on my desk. What would The Great Hive Mind suggest to me for further reading? I'm looking for a list of good books that are somewhere I couldn't just browse across them as a given.

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