A ream of questions

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Sat Dec 28 02:20:00 GMT 2013

Greetings, Jonathan Martin!

> I've been fooling around with Cygwin for awhile now and I haven't done
> anything overly serious withit but I have spent a serious amount of time
> just thinking about what it could do and fooling around with other tools
> that look like it. I've come up with questions that don't have answers yet,
> though I've had to condense them down to just the questions.

> Q: Why doesn't cygwin use an emacs as its frontend instead of a dosshell?

What is "dosshell"? Whatever it is, Cygwin doesn't use it. It use either
native Windows console or it's own mintty by default.

> Q: Why don't we work on setting up a full blown tutorial system with a set
> of shell scripts and documentation segregation so that newbies can grok The
> Hacker's Dreaming?

You're very welcome.

> Q: Why doesn't Cygwin do something similar to Cpan?

And what exactly that supposed to mean?

> Q: Why is "#!>help" so useless? Why doesn't it get fixed to act more like
> the old DOS help?

Explain, what you mean, especially, what you mean by "dos help"?

> Q: I saw a quote from "Cybercities Reader" on a fellow list-subscriber's
> reply and it is now sitting on my desk. What would The Great Hive Mind
> suggest to me for further reading? I'm looking for a list of good books that
> are somewhere I couldn't just browse across them as a given.


Andrey Repin (anrdaemon@yandex.ru) 28.12.2013, <06:01>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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