Home directory issue

L. V. Lammert lvl@omnitec.net
Tue Jul 2 23:55:00 GMT 2013

After installing Cygwin on a new system that is in a domain, there is
something that is breaking with user setup.

 * The user home directory is not getting created
 * /usr/loca/bin & /usr/bin are not prepended to PATH
 * The user home directory is /cygdrive/Users/<user>,
    instead of /home/<user>
 * The path IS correct in /etc/passwd (/home/<user>)

I know the issue has something to do with the domain user, as the home
directory is not created upon installation (had to create it manually)
when logged in as a domain user.

 > Is there a way to install properly as a domain user?
 > I can create the home directory & copy skel files, but how does one
    fix the login issue (the *correct* home directory in /etc/passwd is

/etc/profile appear correct (new install), .. and I copied skel files from
a known working machine.

Any pointers on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!



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