lftp bug: mirror [-R] didn't work with sftp connection

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epamail.epa.gov
Thu Jul 4 01:13:00 GMT 2013

> Yes, I have same problem.
> This is the problem in version 4.4.7 of lftp - see 
> http://lftp.yar.ru/news.html.
> Problem is solved in 4.4.8.
> As a workaround downgrade to 4.4.4, until cygwin adopts version 4.4.8.

I'll go ahead and upload 4.4.8 then.  I already have it built for i686, but
I was waiting to see if I could get it built for x86_64 too.  I haven't
gotten that to work yet though, so I'll not wait for it.

Since 4.4.7 is buggy and 4.4.4 is the fallback, I'll leave 4.4.4 as
previous and remove 4.4.7.

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