R: Re: R: Re: R: Re: R: Re: octave-3.4.0.exe: error while loading shared libraries

gennari.federico@tiscali.it gennari.federico@tiscali.it
Thu Jul 4 13:11:00 GMT 2013

Nope, the command gives an error:

gennarif@NIDORAN /usr/bin
strace -o /tmp/octave.strace octave-3.6.4.exe
error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object 
file: No such file or directory

And a Windows message box ops up 
saying that program cannot be started because cyghdf5-7.dll is missing. 
Trying to re-install is not solving the problem.

If I was not such a 
newbie maybe I would have found a solution, but right now I still need 
some help.

Warm regards,


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