cygwin1.dll hangs since cygwin 1.7.20 (1.7.19)

Sun Jul 7 16:27:00 GMT 2013

> Hi all,
> As far as I can tell !,
> I am experiencing a "process hang" since cygwin 1.7.20, perhaps 1.7.19, if
> bash in used in a DOS box.
>  - if bash used in mintty: no problem
>  - if bash used in DOS box: no problem after having switched back to
>    cygwin 1.7.18
> Details of "process hang":
>     cygcheck | wc -l # wc used here as example (use e.g. sort i.s.o. wc)
> does not show output INSTANTLY; for some reason the output from cygcheck
> is hold back for some time (hang).

Downloaded cygwin1-20130703.dll ... and replaced it for cygwin1.dll.

The odd behaviour "seems" to have gone ...

Btw, cygcheck -s still shows on error output:

cygcheck: Wrong architecture. Only ix86 executables supported. (8 times).


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