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Alan W. Irwin irwin@beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Mon Jul 8 20:24:00 GMT 2013

On 2013-07-08 13:21-0400 Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> I believe you have drawn the opposite conclusion from what I was trying
> to convey.  It is best to _not_ have HOME set in your Windows environment
> prior to running 'setup.exe'.  If you do have it set, 'setup.exe' will
> use that directory as your home rather than the default '/home/<username>'.

Your original message (especially the last part) was pretty clear, but
I just reversed the meaning.  Sorry.

I actually ran setup.exe from a bash/wine environment, and for that
the HOME environment variable (as printed out by

printenv |grep HOME

) was not set.  So there is likely some other reason (which may or may
not be related to a Wine bug) that I got the same symptoms as the OP.

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