Troubleshooting AutoSSH

L. V. Lammert
Fri Jul 12 21:19:00 GMT 2013

On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, Andrew Schulman wrote:

> > It looks like *sshd* can only bind IPV6 - forcing it to bind IPV4 only
> > prevents startup.
> OK.  So does it work then to pass the -6 flag to ssh?
I did not try forcing -6 because that was the only way it would connect
(i.e. sshd would only start with an IPV6 connection, forcing IPV4 was a

> If sshd is only accepting ipv6, then it may be autossh's port monitoring
> feature that's broken.
The failure is in starting sshd, so it's something in the OpenSSH update
(15 May), or something in this Windows machine.

> It uses ssh to forward some ports of its own, and
> that feature might be ipv4-only.  You can turn it off by passing -M0 to
> autossh.  Does that fix the problem?
I could try, but there is no way I can test a remote connection with V6,
local connections on V6 do work when using default configuration.

Would there be any value in testing the previous package, openssh-6.2p1-2?


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