mingw.org cross compiler [Was: problem with cvs binary?]

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 16 15:52:00 GMT 2013

On 7/16/2013 9:10 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Are the mingw cross compilers still necessary, now that we have
> modern mingw-w64 toolchains?  On Fedora they aren't shipped since
> F17, which already came with mingw-w64 toolchains either.

No, in the sense that you could use the mingw-w64 i686 toolchain to 
generate 32bit "native" windows apps instead.

Yes, because the two toolchains are not mutually compatible (different 
ABI, different exception model, different threading library, different 
w32api/runtime library). If you are using a cygwin $host to develop, 
specifically, mingw.org-distribution compatible apps/libs...then you 
need the mingw.org cross compiler.

I don't know how many people that represents -- it might just be me and 
Earnie -- but I'm not ready to declare mingw(.org)-gcc dead just yet.  I 
at least want to update our current offering to something more current 
than 4.5.x, AND it's necessary on i686 because recent gmp/mpfr/mpc 
library updates have broken mingw-gcc.  If, after this update, we want 
to declare EOL on mingw(.org)-gcc, we could discuss that on cygwin-apps.


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