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Fri Jul 19 01:47:00 GMT 2013

I have a very recent version of Cygwin and using the SIPP application. This calls nanosleep from within a thread.

Effectively , every second, the application

*         Creates a thread

*         Calls nanosleep 9 times.

*         Deletes the thread

And every second, according to windows task manager, it one more handle is being used. Eventually it runs out of resources and crashes.

If I comment out the call to nanosleep, the number of handles stay steady.

If the problem was just within nanosleep, the I would expect it to "leak" 9 handles every second, but it only one is leaked. So I'm assuming that it somehow. It's a combination of the thread and the calls to nanosleep.

Hence my question, is nanosleep thread safe?

Trefor Edwards 

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