AW: Problem with ldd in cygwin 1.7.22

Peter Klotz
Fri Jul 26 12:08:00 GMT 2013

Hello Marco

Thanks for your response.

> > The output of ldd (32Bit) in cygwin 1.7.22 is not as expected if a
> single dependency cannot be found.
> >
> > Correct output (all dependencies present):
> >
> > $ ldd Qt5Core.dll
> try
> $ cygcheck Qt5Core.dll
> it will report any missing dependency.

I am aware of that but cygcheck uses an output format different from ldd. I have written a program to recursively parse library dependencies and bring them into correct order for linking.

It would be nice to use the same input for my program in Linux and Windows.

> Another matter, please also note the name scheme on cygwin is
> usr/bin/cygQtCore-4.dll
> I assume you are building Qt5 by yourself

The build of Qt5Core.dll was done with Visual Studio, not with cygwin/gcc.

Regards, Peter.

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