Cygwin64 libjpeg-turbo missing/damaged library file

marco atzeri
Sat Jul 27 15:59:00 GMT 2013

Il 7/27/2013 11:54 AM, Bill Hammond ha scritto:
> I am having trouble compiling an application that uses the libjpeg libraries under cygwin64.
> My program has compiled and run under cygwin32 for a long time. I can compile and run it under cygwin64 when I build and link against my own libjpeg.a. When I try and download the libjpeg-turbo libraries for cygwin64, it all comes apart. The "libjpeg-turbo" package is source only, and when I install "libjpeg-devel" and link against it with "-ljpeg", all the jpeg function calls are undefined.
> I am using the cygwin64 installer. Is there a problem with the cygwin64 libjpeg package(s), or am I not doing something right?

Hi Bill,
could you show your link instruction ?

Have you a small test case ?

FYI the turbo devel package is : libturbojpeg-devel


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