BLODA extension: console interoperability

Pavel Fedin
Mon Jul 29 09:06:00 GMT 2013


> The "console" that a Cygwin program sees is not just the raw Windows
> console.  Hopefully the Cygwin version of ncurses understands that
> Cygwin extends the functionality of the console so that a big subset of
> standard control sequences will just work.

 I know this. But i was talking about running MinGW (i. e. Windows native)
software with MinGW nCurses under such a console.
 I believe, for case Cygwin software cygwin.dll fixes this up and interprets
missing ESC sequences. But if we run MinGW program from within this console,
it won't have this functionality and will talk to the console directly.
 In other case, we might run this program from within MinTTY. As far as i
can understand, MinTTY is a complete terminal emulator which understands all
ESC sequences by itself. In this case MinGW program will need to use ESC
sequences too. But if MinGW program will think that it's running on a real
Windows console, it will try to use Windows API, which obviously will not
 I agree that this is kind of corner case, but it's still there, if we talk
about interoperability.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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