cc1: warning: ../../include/w32api: No such file or directory [enabled by default]

Achim Gratz
Mon Jul 29 16:58:00 GMT 2013

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> It looks like this is a misbehaviour of gcc 4.7.3.  There are
> practically always non-existant default include dirs, not only on
> Cygwin.  If you try the same -Wmissing-include-dirs with gcc 4.8.1 on
> x86_64 Cygwin, there won't be such a warning.

I have no idea if that should be considered a bug or not, but the
combination "-Werror -Wmissing-include-dirs" is rendered useless due to
this.  Since it most assuredly doesn't point to a system path it uses
the current working directory instead in the final stage — so after
expansion the driver inserts a literal "-I ../../include/w32api", which
might silently pull in the wrong includes if the user happens to have
some directory like that.

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