cygport -8 adds bogus cygwin64-gcc-core to setup.hint requires line

Christian Franke
Wed Jul 31 08:14:00 GMT 2013

Cygport 0.13.0 (and 0.12.2) adds a bogus "requires: ... 
cygwin64-gcc-core ..." to setup.hint when cross-compiling for x86_64.

Testcase: smartmontools 6.1-2 source package from x86_64 distro:

$ uname -s

$ cygport --version
cygport 0.13.0

$ grep ^REQ smartmontools-6.1-2.cygport:
REQUIRES="coreutils cygrunsrv grep sed which"

$ cygport -8 smartmontools-6.1-2.cygport almostall

$ grep ^req smartmontools-6.1-2/dist/smartmontools/setup.hint
requires: bash cygwin64-gcc-core libstdc++6 coreutils cygrunsrv grep sed 

Adding libgcc1 to REQUIRES does not help:

requires: bash cygwin64-gcc-core libstdc++6 libgcc1 coreutils cygrunsrv 
grep sed which

When building for cygwin 32 or on cygwin 64 result is correct:

requires: bash libgcc1 libstdc++6 coreutils cygrunsrv grep sed which


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