Going back beyond the root (was: [BUG ?] Failed to rebuild Cygwin)

Pavel Fedin p.fedin@samsung.com
Wed Jul 31 14:12:00 GMT 2013


> s/svn/cvs/
> You can rebuild the lib, just update to the latest.

 Thank you, tested and works fine. Testing included:

1. Accessing existing directories then ..
2. Accessing nonexistent directories then ..
3. Going beyond the root multiple times (/../../../../../..)
4. The same, but with UNC. (3) in this context attempts to access '//', which on my machine waits for a while then ends up in "Permission denied". 'NET VIEW' in native Windows console behaves similar, reporting "List of servers is not currently available". So - passed.
5. Running make test suite. abspath works fine now.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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