ViM block cursor under screen

Brian W. Neu
Sun Mar 3 03:40:00 GMT 2013

So I was lucky enough to find that the following in my .vimrc enabled a
block cursor when launching vim under a cygwin terminal:
        let &t_ti.="\e[1 q"
        let &t_SI.="\e[5 q"
        let &t_EI.="\e[1 q"
        let &t_te.="\e[0 q"

But when I launch vim under screen under a terminal, the block cursor

I can tell that in vim the &term variable changes from 'xterm' to
'screen' when in the respective environments, but my settings above
aren't in any control structures (if) involving xterm.

Any advice on getting the block cursor to work under screen as well?

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