Perl DBD::Oracle 'make test' fails: Oracle.dll permission denied

Bob McGowan
Mon Mar 4 18:59:00 GMT 2013


First, I'm not subscribed, please include my email in the reply.

I have installed Cygwin 1.7 (Windows properties says:  1007.17.0.0, 

I'm running under Windows XP (version 2002, service pack 2).

I have DBI 1.623 installed, and am attempting to install DBD::Oracle 1.27.

I'm using Oracle instant client for Oracle 11.2, and I created my own 
oci.def file using 'pexports' and 'dlltool', as described in the header 
of the original oci.def file.

The 'perl Makefile.PL' generates no errors.

My 'make' creates Oracle.dll without any major issues (a few minor 
complaints about mismatched types in printf, pointer casts, ...).

The 'make test' fails the first test:

   Can't load ... Oracle.dll for module DBD::Oracle: Permission denied...

I've searched the FAQ (found 15 articles with similar issues, but no 
helpful resolution) and the web (various suggestions such as being sure 
files are executable, and using regsvr32 to register the dll found, 
tried but no joy).

I did a getfacl on several dll's supplied by Cygwin, and Perl, for 
comparison, and I've set Oracle.dll to be at least the same, and just 
for fun, added the 'SYSTEM' group with r-x permission.

Nothing has helped, so I can't successfully test Oracle functionality 
before installing it.

When I did do the 'make install', make reported running 'rebase' on 

I have not tested this install, yet, but I'm wondering if 'rebase' is 
what was missing, or is there something else that must be done to get 
dll's with Perl working, for testing?  I have several other modules that 
I use which are C based, so would create dll's and I'd like to be sure 
I'm not doing something incorrectly, here.

Many thanks for your help.

Bob McGowan
Principal Software Engineer, SES Software Engineering
Shared Engineering Services
Symantec Corporation

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