[closed] Intel FORTRAN time_and_date function returns UTC instead of local time

Marten Jan de Ruiter m.j.deruiter@wmc.eu
Thu Mar 14 09:09:00 GMT 2013

Today, the problems with the date_and_time function were gone. I have no 
clue what solved the issue. I did not install upgrades from Cygwin. I 
did not recompile the program.

What I did differently, is that I have used the Cygwin Bash shell, the 
Cygwin terminal and the Cygwin-X W-win server, and played around with 
the options of the Cygwin Terminal. There is configuration page for Text 
containing a font field, a field for font options, and a field for the 
locale and character set. I have played a bit with the locale. 
Afterwards, I noticed that my program now issues the correct time, even 
when the option is restored to the (Default) setting it was in 
originally. I assume that this playing around corrected the glitch, but 
the details escape me.

Still, a month ago, I also played around with setting the locale on the 
command line in the Cygwin Bash login, and that did not resolve the 
issue; so "playing around with the locale" is not the entire story.

I am a bit unsatisfied that I do not know what clicked right under the 
hood of Cygwin, but pragmatical enough to enjoy that the issue is gone.

Thanks for the effort!

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