evince pdf viewer

wynfield@gmail.com wynfield@gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 13:20:00 GMT 2013

I wanted to try the file view 'evince', so downloaed it from cygport.  
Installed it.
Ran it and got the error message that, cyggtk-3-0.dll was missing

I installed gtk-3+ something and ran it again and got the error message:t
  /usr/bin/evince.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygevview3-3.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

so   cygevview3-3.dll  is missing.  

I don't know where to find this.  (I believe these two files should be put as a requirement in the setup.ini file which comes with it.)

If any of you have tried evince and found soloutions to this please let me know.


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