hardware upgrade status

David T-G d13@justpickone.org
Tue Mar 19 19:43:00 GMT 2013

Christopher (and everyone else) --

...and then Christopher Faylor said...
% As you can see, email seems to be working on the new system.
% The old sourceware was a hodge podge of hand-built files installed in
% nonstandard locations.  I changed that on the new sourceware.  It now

Thanks so much for all of your work!  I can't wait for my next
download :-)


David T-G
See http://justpickone.org/davidtg/email/
See http://justpickone.org/davidtg/tofu.txt

I appreciate everyone's individual tactic in the Spam Wars, but I just
don't have the time or energy to captcha or register or whatever to be
able to send you email.

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