Mailing list problems anyone?

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Fri Mar 22 20:35:00 GMT 2013

On 3/22/2013 3:37 PM, Lavrentiev, Anton (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [C] wrote:
> Hello,
> Cygwin mailman clams to be having problems with our site bouncing
> the messages (which caused a silent bail on me recently, which I
> did not realize until later -- for complete silence form the list).
> My site administrator asserts that there is (and has never been) a
> CNAME for, and so the message below looks completely bogus.
> Can somebody from be contacted upon the issue please?

Of course.  As a matter of fact, that's the prescribed process in these
cases.  Email postmaster.



A: Yes.
 > Q: Are you sure?
 >> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
 >>> Q: Why is top posting annoying in email?

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