Fwd: reboot command behaves different on Linux

Anthony Geoghegan anthony.geoghegan@gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 23:25:00 GMT 2013

> Yes, that bugs my for quite some time too, is -h for halt or
> hibernate? Now the -s is the same as the Windows shutdown.exe. The
> changes are really straight forward. -b could be the new short option
> for hibernate, doesn't interfere with the main linux shutdown options
> or the windows shutdown. Leaving -s as it is for backward/windows
> compatibility reasons and adding -h, --halt for shutdown and -P,
> --poweroff. But then, having three options that actually don't do
> anything, just for the sake of compatibility? EWX_POWEROFF is the
> default action already. That's why I left those shutdown options as
> they are. But I gladly write the patch if nobody has objections
> against changing -h.

I thought about it for a while myself before posting but I concluded 
your choice was a good one: the usefulness of -h for hibernate probably 
outweighed the benefits of retaining compatibility with a more 
traditional (BSD) Unix shutdown. I checked to see if POSIX had anything 
specified but it's not concerned with the shutdown command.

Having thought about it bit more, I'd like to suggest an upper case -H 
as the option for hibernate.

Keep up the good work,

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