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Anthony Geoghegan
Fri Mar 22 23:44:00 GMT 2013

On 20/03/13 06:31, Wynfield Henman wrote:
> The database MariaDB looks good.   It does have a windows version
> available, but I, like others would prefer to learn it on a Posix
> system like cygwin if at all possible.
> The only information I could find matching MariaDB and cygwin as at
> least a couple of years old as I recall.   Has anyone built or tried
> MariaDB on cygwin?    I'd appreciate information about it.

I can't imagine MariaDB being much different from MySQL which I 
successfully compiled MySQL on Cygwin over a year ago. It was more a 
proof of concept than a practical project but I thought I'd share the 
notes I made at the time:

User / Group Creation:
Cygwin takes its users and groups from its Windows host.
I found that I couldn't create a new group if a user with the same name 
already exists. This prevented me from creating both a user and group 
called ‘mysql’ so I used the group name, ‘mysqlgroup’.

# create a Windows mysqlgroup group
net localgroup mysqlgroup /add
# create a mysql user
net user mysql /add
# add 'mysql' user to 'mysqlgroup'
net localgroup mysqlgroup mysql /add

# Update Cygwin's user & group files
mkpasswd -l -u mysql >> /etc/passwd
mkgroup -l -g mysqlgroup >> /etc/group

Follow instructions at

The default C compiler flag -O3 doesn't work properly under Cygwin with 
gcc 3.4.4

Ensure readline is installed and use:
./configure --without-readline CFLAGS=-O2

chown -vR mysql:mysqlgroup /usr/local/*/*
bin/mysql_install_db --user=mysql   # works fine in Cygwin

This creates the data directory and initialises the mysql and test 

Hope this helps,

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