Package file lists archive

Yaakov Selkowitz
Mon Aug 4 03:01:00 GMT 2014

On Sun, 2014-08-03 at 16:07 -0500, Steven Penny wrote:
> In June I presented the idea of a "Package file lists archive" and was met with
> this
> > I understand how the package generation would have to work and don't see a
> > major benefit to introducing a package list file given the amount of work and
> > the fact that I would have to do the work.
> However Christopher has since left the project

Please don't assume that this means that we're ready to automatically
rehash every decision he made over the last however-many years.

> I would like to revisit this issue. I would like to see if I can help in any way
> to make this happen. My work on "apt-cyg" has been hindered by the issue with
> "cygcheck --package-query"

package_grep.cgi could probably use some optimization; PTC.


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