Basic question about cygport

Richard Troy
Tue Aug 5 01:47:00 GMT 2014

On Mon, 4 Aug 2014, Steven Penny wrote:


> This is highly presumptuous. I have asked 10 questions and given 68 answers on

... This list has had a long history of having a somewhat different 
attitude - culture, if you will - than you might find elsewhere on the 
net; some might call it ascerbic. However, the deeper point is that if you 
want help here, fitting in with the culture you find here is the way to 
go. The REAL issue isn't how good or bad whatever else is, it's that 
people are busy and have the view, "help me help you", and "I only help 
people who have shown they are trying", however that's expressed, and 
that's reasonable enough.

In this case, a reasonable translation of the comment you elicited would 
be: "I'm too busy to go click somewhere else; you want to solicit my help 
for free, make it easy for me." The insult of others was unfortunate.

I for one wish people would lighten up; if you don't want to help, don't, 
but telling other people off about it is not useful; you could have helped 
the person by doing those other things (like looking at stackoverflow) 
using less energy than you spent being abrasive. Thankfully, the "rough 
attitude" is not held by everyone, though it sometimes has been seen in 
people who carry platinum watches - and that might encourage its 

BTW, if I knew how to contribute more than just explaining the culture, I 

Good luck to everyone,

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