Impending ITP of Sendmail

D. Boland
Sat Aug 9 20:36:00 GMT 2014

Hi group,

I have the Sendmail port ready. I will anounce my intent to package it soon.

There is one thing, though. Sendmail relies heavily on the procmail program. The
problem is that the procmail package as it is now, is not "multiple root" aware. It
also is not able to do suid at the moment.

To accomplished this, procmail would have to be modified slightly. From the Cygwin
website, I can see that procmail is maintained bij Jason Tishler.

I need these modifications for Sendmail to work. I remember Corinna mentioning that
the package is old and needs to be updated. Maybe it is orphaned? In that case I'd
be happy to adopt it.


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